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Design of Veress Needle Structure and Manufacturing Scheme of Structural Parts

Understanding of veress needle products

A veress needle is a very simple tool for many designers among many minimally invasive surgical instruments. It is completed by a few fine metal pipes and a simple combination of plastic.

In fact, according to common sense, when we manufacture veress needle products, we consider the surgical process of doctors as the center. Doctors usually use the right hand to push the needle. The veress needle technology needs to go through the fascia and peritoneum, so the toughness and penetration force of the puncture needle are very important. The poor penetration force affects the patient's pain, because the doctor needs to increase the pushing force to forcibly push the needle.

There are the following suggestions for the design and manufacture of veress needle products

In the production process of the material of the fine metal tube of the veress needle, in some areas, the manufacturing factory mainly uses the steel strip welding process. Therefore, in product design, the firmness of tube welding and pressure testing are essential.

The puncture blade of the outer tube of the veress needle. The angle is the best guarantee for puncture force. Several small workshops can not guarantee the detection of puncture force and precise angular deviation.

The smooth structure of the head of the inner needle of the veress needle. This is the key. The inner hole needs to be clean. It is easy to have foreign objects entering the body during ventilation, forming cross-infection. Therefore, the cleaning of metal pipes is very important.

The injection molding part of the veress needle handle, the gel slip and its choice of plastic type and structure are closely related. Some plastics will deform and fall off under high temperature disinfection environment. In addition, in terms of structure, it is best to increase a sandblasting process to avoid other problems in our slight intervention. Of course, there are also metal handles. In the welding process of metal structure, the material and firmness of welding must be strictly tested!

The strength of the veress needle should not be ignored. When puncturing, the the doctor's strength and the fascia's reaction intensity can directly cause overall deformation and shift direction. We generally choose materials with HV400 or above.

Strictly control all material pipes, data traceability, manufacturing environment, cleaning environment, packaging environment and so on according to the quality system requirements. Each department in each link needs strict training.

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