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Nursing Methods of Nasoenteral Feeding Tube

Nasoenteral feeding tube is a kind of medical apparatus and instruments, its key raw material is X-ray opaque polyurethane material tube. It is mainly to assist the gastrointestinal peristalsis. When everything is normal from human to gastrointestinal motility, the nasoenteral feeding tube can immediately show some nutrients in the body with the assistance of electronic endoscopes, which will reduce the increase of internal bacteria or the migration of parts. In addition, it can keep the stomach and intestines from being damaged. Then, how to maintain it after each application of the nasoenteral feeding tube?

1. Maintain oral cavity hygiene and do the oral cavity  care twice a day. In order to avoid aspiration, please raise the bedroom bed by 30-45 degrees, use a special nutrient component pump to instill and immediately eliminate oral secretions to maintain oral cavity hygiene.

2. Before each infusion of nutrient solution, please check the outside length of the nasoenteral feeding tube to avoid its dislocation. And please check the gastric retention. The test method: it can absorb the stomach contents. If there is 100ml of stomach contents in the stomach 2 hours after the last feeding or about 50% of the feeding stuff remains in the stomach after 1 hour with gastric retention. Please immediately stop adding the nutrient solution, and change the feeding method according to the situation.

3. At least 20Ml sterile water or warm water should be used to clean the tube before and after each application to check whether it is smooth or not. For patients who are given continuous enteral nutrition, the tube should be flushed every 6 to 8 hours. Increase the flushing frequency as much as possible for the thicker nutrient solution.

4. For patients who need to intake oral drugs through the nasoenteral feeding tube, the specific method: firstly, separate the medicine, mash, fully melt, and dilute the liquid, then stop the enteral nutrition pump, clean the nasoenteral feeding tube with 20Ml warm water and introduce the melted medicine into the nasoenteral feeding tube. After introducing the medicine, clean the nasoenteral feeding tube again with 20Ml warm water, turn on the enteral nutrition pump and record the consumption of medicine and water in the nursing list.

5. Strictly observe whether the patient has abdominal pain, abdominal distension, diarrhea and other conditions and pay attention to the amount, color, quality of defecation.

6. Observe the treatment effect and record the 24-hour intake and output. According to doctor's instructions, regularly check electrolyte solution, liver and kidney function, blood sugar and blood sugar level and do urine routine inspection.

7. Please be sure to use special enteral nutrient solution for feeding, such as hospital nutrition diet, TPF, etc. It is strictly forbidden to use the nutrient solution made by relatives to remove the blockage of the tube.

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