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FAQs of Endoscopy Care And Accessories Procedure

FAQs of Endoscopy Care And Accessories Procedure

  • Q What machines can support HYBRID IRRIGATION A

    For Olympus® 140/160/180 series endoscopes with the following:

    Olympus® OFP or ENDOSTAT II Pump Irrigation Units (100609)

    Olympus® AFU-100, Olympus® OFP, EGP-100 or ERBE® EIP2 Irrigation Units (100610)

    Pentax® GI Endoscopes with Pentax® EGP-100P, EGP-100 or ERBE® Irrigation Units (100608)

  • Q How to use Channel Cleaning Brushes for endoscopes A

    Disposable Endoscopy Channel Cleaning Brushes combine maximum cleaning capabilities with versatile brush options to meet your challenging reprocessing demands. Both the single-ended brush and the double-ended brush offer desired catheter stiffness for ease of use and nylon bristles to provide the highest protection against channel damage. Clean all external surfaces, valve ports, and channel openings, using a soft, disposable cloth/sponge, and brushes.

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