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Frazier Suction Tube

Frazier Suction Tube
  • Frazier Suction Tube
  • Frazier Suction Tube

Special disposable probes with efficient petrol vacuum control device. 

Designed for neurosurgery, ENT surgery, and in applications where controlled suction is required.

Features of Frazier Suction Tube

  • Flexible cannula could be bent to needed position without occlusion

  • Available with an integrated transparent handle for the visional check.

  • Single-use for neuro-surgery

Specification of Frazier Suction Tube

GC1242A08Fr08, with control vent
GC1242A10Fr10, with control vent
GC1242A12Fr12 with control vent
GC1242A18Fr18 with control vent
GC1241A06Transparent handle, Fr06, with control vent
GC1241A08Transparent handle, Fr08, with control vent
GC1241A10Transparent handle, Fr10, with control vent
GC1241A12Transparent handle, Fr12, with control vent

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