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Insufflator Tube Sets

Insufflator Tube Sets
  • Insufflator Tube Sets

Insufflation Tubing is used to expand the stomach during laparoscopic procedures. The filter prevents bacterial and viral contamination from possible backflow of surgical smoke, protecting both equipment and operating room personnel. The hazards of surgical smoke have been recognized by AORN, OSHA, NIOSH and ANSI. Meets all ECRI and OTT recommendations.

Features of Insufflator Tube Sets

  • Adaptable to all insufflators for tubing standardization

  • Rotating Luer-lock connector prevents twisting or disconnects of CO2 line

  • Durable, non-collapsing tubing

  • Bi-directional .1 or .3 micron hydrophobic filters reduce the chance of contamination

  • High-flow filter available that will not inhibit pneumoperitoneum

  • Heated insufflation tubing version now available for Storz machine

  • Sterile

  • Latex-free

Specification of Insufflator Tube Sets




Double Rotating Luer lock, 1-micron filter


Rotating Luer lock, 1-micron filter, with 15mm Fitting (Wolf / Storz)


Rotating Luer lock , 1-micron filter, with 22mm Fitting (Linvatec)


Rotating Luer lock, 1-micron filter, with Push-Fit Fitting (Stryker)


Rotating Luer lock, 1-micron filter, with O Ring Fitting (Smith & Nephew)

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