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All prescription medical products are originally manufactured within our factory, we taking quality as our job so quality of our products is guaranteed within the entire process from initial product design to complete production under ISO standard. We are specialized in Enteral Nutrition Safely, Respiratory Ranges, Airway Management, Anesthesia Ranges, Laparoscopic Procedures, Endoscopy Care and Accessories Procedure, Suction Surgery, Urological, General Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Gynaecology and Personal Protective Equipment.
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A Leading Global Manufacturer & one-stop Solution provider of an array of disposable medical devices and advanced moulds. Gcmedica founded in 1998 with a mission dedicating to all medical personnels and patients, combines many years of experience and expertise. Gcmedica specializes in the manufacturing scientific research and development of disposable medical devices and advanced moulds. GCmedica has built up a leading group company concentrated in various product production with CE certificate and registered with FDA US. With persistent and diligent exploration, Gcmedica extends the product ranges to Urology, OR, Surgery, Gynecology, Respiratory, Anesthesia, Enteral Nutrition Safety, Endoscopy Care, and Laparoscopy Procedures.
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