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	Urine meter
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Urine meter

The Urinary bag with urine meter, an innovative device for bedridden, post-surgery, and urine-monitoring patients, enhances collection accuracy and comfort in hospitals, clinics, and home care. Its unique design minimizes backflow and leakage, thereby increasing measurement precision. Studies confirm its role in elevating patient care quality and efficiency.


  • Detachable urinary bag with urine meter on top and urine bag on bottom

  • Rotatable meter cap that controls the urine switch

  • Reinforced double hanger, rope hanger and double transparent straps

  • Special polygonal urine meter

  • Flip-type outlet valve

  • Includes 8.0mm inner diameter tubing with either 120cm length

Detail image

J-Shaped Precision Urine Bag

Our product Advantages

Our Urinary bag with urine meter represents a major innovation in medical urine management. Compared with traditional urine bags, this product has significant improvements in design and functionality, especially in improving measurement accuracy and increasing patient comfort. Our products are not only suitable for long-term bedridden patients, but also for patients recovering from surgery and those who need to closely monitor urine output. They are ideal for hospitals, clinics and home care.

In terms of material selection, we use the latest medical-grade materials, which are not only durable, but also skin-friendly, reducing patients’ discomfort during use.

In terms of technological innovation, our team has conducted in-depth research and improved the structure of the urine bag to make it more ergonomic. This not only makes the product easier to use, but also ensures patient comfort during use. Our products have passed strict quality control testing to ensure their reliability and stability in various usage environments.

We promise to continue to innovate in the field of medical equipment and continuously explore and develop more efficient and comfortable solutions to meet the ever-changing medical needs. Our Urinary bag with urine meter is the embodiment of this commitment, not just a product, but our commitment to improving the quality and efficiency of patient care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How is the durability of the product?

A1: Our Urinary bag with urine meter uses high-quality medical-grade plastic materials and has undergone rigorous durability testing to ensure that it will not be easily worn or damaged after long-term use. With normal use and proper maintenance, this urine bag provides long-lasting and consistent performance.

Q2: How to clean and maintain Urinary bag with urine meter?

A2: In terms of cleaning and maintenance, it is recommended to use mild disinfectant and water to clean the surface of the urine bag. Avoid using any caustic or abrasive cleaners. Regularly check the connections and seals of the urine bag to make sure there are no leaks. When storing, please place the urine bag in a dry, clean environment away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Q3: What types of patients is the Urinary bag with urine meter suitable for?

A3: This urine bag is especially suitable for patients who are bedridden or have limited mobility for a long time, patients recovering from surgery, and patients who need to accurately monitor urine output. Its design takes into account the physical and medical needs of different patients and is suitable for a variety of clinical and home care scenarios.

Customer Reviews for Urinary bag with urine meter

  • 1.Emily Johnson


    "The Urinary bag with urine meter has revolutionized how we manage patient care in our unit. Its accuracy in urine measurement and enhanced patient comfort are remarkable. We've noticed a significant decrease in discomfort and complications among our patients."

  • 2.David Smith


    "Using the Urinary bag with urine meter for my elderly mother has significantly eased our home care routine. Its intuitive design and ease of use are a huge relief for someone with no medical training like myself. It's comforting to know that we are using a product that is both safe and effective for her daily care needs."

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