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	Enteral Syringe
  • Enteral Syringe

Enteral Syringe

GCmedica's Enteral Syringes are designed for efficient and safe enteral feeding and medication administration. Ranging from 1ml to 60ml, these syringes cater to diverse needs in clinical settings. Features like low dose options, clear visibility, dual markings, and a purple plunger with an ENFit female tip ensure precise dosage and compatibility with feeding tubes.

· Enteral ISO SAF, single use enteral syringes

· With female connection (ISO 80369-3)

Features of Enteral Syringe

  • Syringes from 3ml to 50/60ml for enteral medication, flushing, gastric residuals, and breast milk or enteral feeding administration by gravity, bolus, or syringe pump.

  • Low dose option available in 1ml & 3ml syringes

  • Clear, purple plunger, dual marking for the 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, and 50/60ml, ENfit female tip.

Specification of Enteral Syringe


Procuct code




With centric tip position, Volume : 3ml



With centric tip position, Volume : 5ml



With centric tip position, Volume : 10ml



With centric tip position, Volume : 15ml



With centric tip position, Volume : 20ml



With centric tip position, Volume : 35ml



With centric tip position, Volume : 60ml


Q1:Are these syringes suitable for all types of enteral feeding and medication administration?

A1:Yes, they are ideal for enteral medication, flushing, gastric residuals, and breast milk or enteral feeding administration by gravity, bolus, or syringe pump.

Q2:What makes these syringes unique in terms of design?

A2:The syringes feature a clear, purple plunger and dual marking for precise measurement, along with an ENFit female tip for secure connections.

Q3:What is ENFit compatible?

A3:ENFit compatibility refers to a standardized connector system for enteral feeding devices. It ensures secure and safe connections between various components like tubes, syringes, and feeding bags, preventing misconnections with other medical systems like IV lines.

Q4:What are ENFit syringes used for?

A4:ENFit syringes are specifically designed for enteral feeding and medication administration. They are used to deliver nutrition, medication, or fluids directly into the gastrointestinal tract through an enteral feeding tube.

Q5:Are ENFit syringes reusable?

A5:Generally, ENFit syringes are intended for single use to ensure sterility and patient safety. Reusing them might pose a risk of contamination or infection.

Q6:How do you fill ENFit syringes?

A6:To fill an ENFit syringe, attach the syringe to the feeding tube or medication port. Draw up the required volume of liquid by pulling back the plunger. Ensure that no air bubbles are present and that the dosage is accurate.

Customer Reviews for Enteral Syringe

  • 1.Emily Rodriguez


    "The range of sizes and clarity of markings on GCmedica's Enteral Syringes have made medication administration more accurate and efficient in our hospital."

  • 2.Sophie Martin


    "GCmedica's syringes have been instrumental in providing quality care in our neonatal unit. The low dose options are particularly helpful."

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