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	Vacuum Wound Drainage System
  • vacuum wound drainage system

Vacuum Wound Drainage System

A Vacuum Wound Drainage System is a medical device designed to promote rapid healing of wounds and reduce the risk of infection. This system works by applying continuous or intermittent negative pressure to remove fluids and infectious materials from the wound area, thereby accelerating the healing process. Below is a detailed description of the key components and working principle of this product.

Vacuum bottle is a pre-evacuated reservoir with a connecting tube for post-operative high vacuum wound drainage.

Features of Vacuum Wound Drainage System

  • Pre-vacuum bottle with vacuum indicator.

  • Transparent pre-vacuum graduated plastic bottle with capacity 200ml/400ml/600ml.

  • Rough and fine graduation for at-a-glance information about filling level.

  • Clear material for reliable qualitative assessment.

  • The connection tube is available with a universal connector CH06-18 for connection to the drain.

  • Luer-lock connection

Specification of Vacuum Wound Drainage System


Product code




Pre-vacuumed, with extension line, capacity 200ml



Pre-vacuumed, with extension line, capacity 400ml



Pre-vacuumed, with extension line, capacity 600ml

Key Components

  1. Transparent Collection Container: The bottle in the image is specifically marked as a Redon drain, which is a portable, manually activated vacuum drainage system. Its clear material allows for easy monitoring of the volume and characteristics of the drainage.

  2. Vacuum Indicators: The green caps visible on the container likely serve as vacuum indicators. A depressed cap typically signifies that a vacuum is present, while a protruding cap indicates the vacuum has been lost or is not active.

  3. Drainage Tubes: Attached to the container is a flexible, clear tube. This is designed to connect directly to the catheter that would be placed in or near the wound to facilitate fluid removal.

Working Principle

The Redon drain works on a manual vacuum mechanism. Here’s how it operates:

  1. Manual Vacuum Creation: Before the system is attached to the patient, the container is squeezed to expel air, and then sealed. This action creates a negative pressure within the container.

  2. Vacuum Maintenance: The integrity of the vacuum is maintained by the airtight seal, and the vacuum indicators provide a visual confirmation of the vacuum status.

  3. Fluid Evacuation: The negative pressure draws fluids and exudate from the wound through the drainage tube into the collection container, thereby reducing the risk of infection and promoting faster wound healing.


This type of Vacuum Wound Drainage System can be used in various medical situations such as:

  • Post-operative Care: Ideal for post-surgical applications where wounds are expected to produce fluids, helping to prevent hematoma or seroma formation.

  • Acute Wounds: Can be used in emergency care settings for acute wounds that are at risk of excessive fluid accumulation.

  • Chronic Wounds: In some cases, it may be applicable for managing chronic wounds that require fluid management to facilitate healing.

  • Outpatient Settings: Due to its portability and ease of use, the Redon drain system is suitable not only for hospital use but also for outpatient or home care settings under proper medical supervision.

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