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Endoscope Camera Sleeves

Endoscope camera sleeves are protective coverings that are used to cover and protect the camera head of an endoscope during medical procedures. These endoscopic sleeves are typically made of thin, flexible material such as latex or silicone and are designed to fit tightly over the camera head of the endoscope. As a professional disposable endoscopic sleeve manufacturer, GCmedica produces high-quality disposable endoscope camera sleeve made of tough, thin polyethylene.

GCmedica's Endoscope camera sleeves are single-use items and are disposed of after each procedure to ensure that they do not contribute to the spread of infections. They are also available in different sizes to fit various types of endoscopes, and may be sold separately or as part of a larger endoscopy kit. Welcome to inquiry for endoscopic sleeve cost!

Types of GCmedica Endoscope Camera Sleeves

Gcmedica provides 6 different kinds of disposable endoscope camera cover to satisfy various needs. Gcmedica's endoscopic sleeve with an insertion ring that makes the setup fast and easy.

Endoscope Camera Sleeves Design

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