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Feeding Tube

We provide high-quality enteral feeding tubes and accessories, available with different styles, materials, and specifications. 

Feeding Tubes

Feeding Tubes for Different Users

Due to various requirements, we provide different kinds of feeding tubes for you to consider the most suitable ones. Whether you are a patient who can not drink or the elderly who have difficulty in eating, we spare our efforts to make sure different feeding tubes available.

Feeding Tubes for the Elderly with Dementia

It is not advisable to use feeding tubes for the elderly with advanced dementia. However, feeding tubes for the elderly with dementia are recommended in the late stage of Alzheimer’s. Types of feeding tubes elderly can be divided into stomach feeding tubes and nose feeding tubes. A stomach feeding tube for the elderly is used if the patient has trouble eating with his mouth. Whereas a nose feeding tube for the elderly is proper for those without breathing difficulty. Compared with adult feeding tubes, feeding tubes for the elderly pay more attention to better experience and softer materials.

Feeding Tubes for Babies with Reflux

Different stages of babies can choose different baby feeding tubes. A baby feeding tube is used for babies who do not have the strength or muscle coordination to breastfeed or drink from a bottle. A newborn feeding tube, which is also known as a neonatal feeding tube, is advisable for those newborn with weak sucking ability or swallowing reflex. As for an infant, infant feeding tubes are designed for those who lack weight gain. A pediatric feeding tube is suitable for babies who have problems with electrolyte imbalances or elimination.

Different Feeding Tubes with Different Positions

There are several types of human feeding tubes according to the different positions a feeding tube placed on the human body. A nasal feeding tube, also known as a feeding tube in the nose, is passed through the nares (nostril), down the esophagus and into the stomach. An orogastric (OG) tube, namely a feeding tube in the throat, is inserted into the mouth, down the throat into the esophagus and rests in the stomach. A jejunostomy tube is placed through an incision in the abdomen, which is an abdominal feeding tube. Here are types of human feeding tubes as follows.

  • Oral Feeding Tube

  • Nose To A Stomach Feeding Tube

  • Abdominal Feeding Tube

  • Nasal Feeding Tube

  • Nasoduodenal Feeding Tube

  • Intestinal Feeding Tube

FAQs of Feeding Tubes

FAQs of Feeding Tubes

  • Q What Are Feeding Tubes Used For? A

    Tube feeding provides nutrition for people who cannot eat at all, or extra nutrition for people who cannot eat enough food.

  • Q How Do You Use a Feeding Tube at Home? A

    If you're unable to eat and drink at home, a feeding tube can help you get the nutrition and lower your chances of choking. To avoid using an infected feeding tube, keep cleaning feeding tubes from time to time at home at first. Depending on your situation, the feeding tube use will be differently run in terms of how to use a feeding tube at home. For example, a nasal feeding tube at home will be used if your mouth is difficult with inserting a feeding tube.

  • Q When Are Feeding Tubes Used? A

    Feeding tubes can be helpful if people have ongoing problems with swallowing. It depends on what kind of situation you are in with a feeding tube.

  • Q What's the Cost of Feeding Tubes for Sale? A

    The feeding tube price is different from different brands and types. Generally speaking, feeding tube cost mainly includes the material cost, management cost, staff salary and so on.

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