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	Vein Cannula
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Vein Cannula

A Vein Cannula is a medical device designed for intravenous administration of medications, fluid infusions, blood sampling, and pressure monitoring. It is inserted through the skin into the vascular system, providing healthcare professionals with a stable and controllable access pathway for various treatments and diagnostics. The design and material selection of vein cannulas are crucial for ensuring patient safety and comfort.

Features of Vein Cannula

  • Opaque structure

  • ID 1.5mm blunt tip

  • Rigid

Specification of Vein Cannula


Product code




White color, standard female connector


Vein cannulas are usually made from materials with high biocompatibility to minimize adverse reactions in the body, common materials include:

  • Polyurethane: Offers good biocompatibility and flexibility, suitable for long-term implantation.

  • Silicone: Soft, minimizing vascular trauma, suitable for sensitive patients.

  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE): Chemically stable but relatively rigid, often used for short-term catheters.


  • Aseptic Technique: Insertion and maintenance of vein cannulas must adhere strictly to aseptic principles to prevent infection.

  • Regular Replacement: Cannulas should be replaced regularly based on the type and usage, to lower the risk of infection.

  • Monitoring Complications: Regular monitoring for potential complications, such as local infection, thrombosis, and catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI).

  • Professional Training: Operators should receive professional training to ensure correct selection of cannula types, insertion techniques, and maintenance.


Vein cannulas are a vital medical device widely used in clinical treatment and care. Selecting the appropriate type of cannula, strictly following aseptic procedures, and regular maintenance can effectively improve treatment outcomes and reduce the risk of complications. With the advancement of medical technology, new materials and designs in vein cannulas will further enhance patient safety and comfort.

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