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	Aspirator Surgical Tip
  • Aspirator Surgical Tip

Aspirator Surgical Tip

Surgical aspirator tips are proven to aid in drying the oral field of treatment in minimally invasive surgery and in aspirating particles.

The plastic aspirator tips allow extremely accurate aspiration as the shape and design have been specially developed for working under a microscope or loupe. The tips are ideal because of their hygienic handling and ease of use. 

The green tip provides excellent contrast for precise aspiration.

Open field of view due to the narrow shape and conical tip.

1.2mm is specially designed for use with microscopes and loupes. The extra-fine tip-opening ensures precise aspiration without blocking the field of vision.

Features of Aspirator Surgical Tip

  • The extra length of the aspirator tips can be held at a distance from the operation area.

  • The fine tube and extra fine green tip ensure effective aspiration even in small spaces.

Specification of Aspirator Surgical Tip


Product code




With extra OD 1.2mm tip



OD 2.5mm tip

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