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	ENFit Transition Kit ,Enfit connector
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ENFit Transition Kit ,Enfit connector

ENFit® represents a significant advancement in enhancing patient safety by establishing a unique design for feeding tube connectors. This distinct design effectively prevents the possibility of accidental connections between feeding tubes and other medical delivery systems, including tracheostomy tubes, intravenous lines, and catheters. While the incidence of these misconnections may be infrequent in relation to the total number of patients requiring such medical interventions, the ramifications of such errors are potentially fatal, underscoring the critical importance of this initiative.

Kit of two adapters allowing to connect ENFit administration sets to legacy feeding tubes and syringes.

Adapter to connect an Luer/Oral / ENLock syringe with an ENfit medication port or feeding tube.

Features of ENFit Transition Kit

  • ENFit administration set connection

  • ENLock / Funnel feeding tubes connection

  • ENFit feeding tube or medication port connection

  • Luer / Oral / ENLock syringe connection

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