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Protection Cap

Luer Lock caps are small, typically plastic, components that play a crucial role in maintaining the sterility and integrity of medical devices. They are designed with a threaded system that allows them to be twisted onto a Luer Lock fitting, creating a secure and often airtight seal.

Features of Protection Cap

  • It is made of medical-grade PE material;

  • Available in red white and blue color.

  • For male Luer lock.

  • High-density PE

  • Non-vented

Specification of Protection Cap

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  • Syringes: Capping syringes to maintain sterility before use.

  • IV Lines: Sealing intravenous lines when not in use to prevent contamination.

  • Catheters: Covering the ends of catheter lines to maintain a sterile barrier.

  • Medical Vials: Sealing vials that utilize Luer Lock fittings to ensure contents remain sterile and uncontaminated.


Luer Lock caps are usually made from medical-grade plastic, which offers durability and chemical resistance. They need to be non-reactive and safe for contact with a wide range of medications and bodily fluids.

Regulation and Standards

Luer Lock products, including caps, are regulated by healthcare authorities such as the FDA in the United States and must meet stringent quality and safety standards. They are typically manufactured in compliance with ISO standards (ISO 594-1 and ISO 594-2) that define the requirements for the Luer connector system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Luer Lock Caps


Q1:Can Luer Lock caps be reused?

A1:For patient safety and to maintain sterility, Luer Lock caps are generally intended for single use and should be disposed of after removal. However, some caps are designed to be sterilized and reused in certain laboratory settings. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and your facility's infection control protocols when determining if a Luer Lock cap can be reused.

Q2:Are Luer Lock caps compatible with all syringes and catheters?

A2:Luer Lock caps are designed to be universally compatible with all Luer Lock and Luer Slip syringes and catheters. However, it is crucial to verify that the cap fits securely and that the device's manufacturer has not specified any proprietary design that would prevent compatibility. When in doubt, consult with the device's manufacturer or a medical supply professional to ensure proper fit.

Customer Reviews for GCmedica Sterile Syringe Caps

  • 1.Abigail Turner


    "These caps are sturdy and hold up well during transport. I've never had an issue with leaks or contamination, which gives me peace of mind."

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