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	Suture Retriever
  • Suture Retriever

It is a suture retriever the surgical equivalent to a needle threader. It consists of a handle, a shaft and a loop.

During surgery, the suture retriever is inserted into a hole that has been drilled into the tendon or bone. After the instrument carefully passes through the tendon or bone, the suture thread is inserted into the loop of the suture retriever and then passed back through the bone and secured. This is most commonly performed in hip, shoulder and knee surgeries.

Features of Suture Retriever

  • More malleable shaft to help retrieve structures or cerclage atraumatically

  • Rounded tip for easier insertion through soft tissue

  • Ligament reconstruction for ankle instability

  • Tendon retrieval in flexor tendon lacerations

  • Drawing cerclage drains, or sutures into place

Specification of Suture Retriever


Product code




Straight long version 263mm



Short version 155mm, stainless steel hooking ring

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