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Gcmedica provides a full range of Anaesthesia accessories for use in the ICU and operating room.

FAQs of Anesthesia Ranges

FAQs of Anesthesia Ranges

  • Q Anesthesia mask component A

    It is composed of the interface, airbag and cover body. The mask is made of plastic and so on. Single-use or repeated use can be.

  • Q Where is the Breathing circuit applied A

    A breathing circuit is a medical device used to deliver oxygen, remove carbon dioxide, and deliver inhalational anesthetic agents to a patient. Originally developed for use in anesthesiology, many variants of breathing system are in clinical use, but most comprise a source of fresh gas flow, a length of breathing tubing to direct the gas, an adjustable pressure limiting valve to control pressure within the system and direct waste away, and a reservoir bag to allow assisted ventilation

  • Q What is the function of the breathing filter A

    It is used to filter particles, including microorganisms, in the inhaled gas to prevent cross-infection of the respiratory system. Or to increase the moisture content and temperature of the gas delivered to the respiratory tract.

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