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	Male Urinal
  • Male Urinal

Male Urinal

Male Urinal is designed to prevent spills and odors with an attached snap-on lid. It features a sturdy grip for easy handling and can be used in several positions. This urinal sample bottle is lightweight, durable and easy to clean. It is graduated on the side for accurate measurement. The tilted neck ensures the contents are secure, even if it is kept horizontally. Ideal for hospitals or the elderly at home.

Features of Male Urinal

  • Male Urinal, Urine Bottle with Spill Proof Lid, 32 fl oz

  • Graduated on the side for easy measurement

  • Marks indicate volume in both oz and cc units

  • Built to be durable and easy to clean

  • Construction of urine container prevents spills and mishaps while confining odors inside

  • Sturdy grip helps ensure easy and proper handling

  • Can be used in several positions

  • Has a snap-on lid

Specification of Male Urinal


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1000ml Urine Bottle, with spill-proof lid,with graduated measurements

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