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	S-uni Bladder Irrigation Set
  • S-uni Bladder Irrigation Set

S-uni Bladder Irrigation Set

Features of S-uni Bladder Irrigation Set

  • 81' (2.1m) approximate overall length, with drip chamber, regulating clamp, catheter adapter, and non-latex tubing.

  • For irrigation, set plugs directly into a 3-way catheter, or catheter adapter unit when the 2-way catheter is used.

  • Single-lead irrigation set with 5mm ID tubing.

  • Shielded bag spike cover provides easy aseptic attachment.

  • Single thumb-operated Robert's clamp located above drip chamber facilitates quick and smooth changing of solution bag

  • Spikes and drip chamber are available in two types.

Specification of S-uni Bladder Irrigation Set

Product Code


Non vented spike


Drip chamber


Roller regulator


Silicon tube adapter


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