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	Toomey Irrigation Syringe
  • toomey irrigation syringe

Toomey Irrigation Syringe

The Toomey Syringe is a medical instrument designed for irrigation during surgical procedures, particularly urological surgeries. It is also used in other medical contexts where irrigation or the aspiration of fluids is necessary.

Features of Toomey Irrigation Syringe

  • Toomey tip piston syringe comes with a catheter tip adapter and luer tip adapter.

  • Fits all standard cystoscopes or resectoscopes.

  • Thumb ring helps minimize hand slippage and prevent contamination. 

  • Raised, large and easy-to-read graduations, which are calibrated in oz and cc.

  • The elongated tip has an extra-large orifice for better removal of clots and mucous shreds.

  • Not made with natural rubber latex.

  • Available with Luer tip adapter.

Specification of Toomey Irrigation Syringe


Product code




70ml, Toomey tip, molded graduation with luer tip adapter

Packing Information

Initial PackOuter Pack

PK Method

Size (cm)

PK Method

Size (cm)

Soft blister

12.4 × 23.5

Shipper case 200pcs

56 × 42 × 38

Design and Functionality

The Toomey Syringe typically has a larger volume capacity, often around 70 mL, which is larger than a standard syringe. It features a tapered tip that can connect to various medical tubing, catheters, or other devices to allow for the efficient flow of irrigation fluids into or out of the body. The design is robust, allowing for the application of significant pressure to flush areas during surgery.

Material and Durability

Toomey Syringes are commonly made from high-quality, medical-grade materials such as stainless steel for the barrel, or plastic when disposability is preferred. Stainless steel models are autoclavable, meaning they can be sterilized and reused, while plastic models are often designed for single use. The choice of material often depends on the setting and specific needs of the procedure.

Usage in Medical Procedures

In urology, the Toomey Syringe is used for bladder irrigation or to instill medication directly into the bladder. In surgeries, it can be used for washing out wounds, applying antiseptics, or removing debris from a surgical site. Its ability to apply a controlled stream of fluid with adequate pressure makes it invaluable in clearing out surgical areas.

Toomey Irrigation Syringe: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1:How to Use Irrigation Syringe?

A1:Using an irrigation syringe, such as the Toomey, involves several steps to ensure effective and safe delivery of fluids. First, ensure that the syringe is either sterile (if single-use) or has been properly sterilized (if reusable). Draw the prescribed irrigation solution into the syringe, usually by pulling the plunger back while the tip is submerged in the solution. Attach any necessary adapters or catheters to the tip of the syringe. Gently insert the tip into the area to be irrigated, such as a surgical site or a catheter. Slowly depress the plunger to release the fluid, ensuring a steady flow to cleanse the area without applying excessive force. After irrigation, carefully withdraw the syringe and dispose of or sterilize it according to your facility's protocols.

Q2:What is the Cost of a Toomey Syringe?

A2:The cost of a Toomey Syringe can vary based on several factors, including the material it's made from, whether it's a single-use or reusable model, the volume it can hold, and the manufacturer. Typically, a reusable stainless steel Toomey Syringe might range from $30 to $100 or more. Single-use, disposable syringes may be less expensive per unit but can become more costly over time due to the need for constant replenishment. Prices can also differ based on the supplier and purchase volume, with discounts often available for bulk orders in institutional settings. It's important for buyers to consider the long-term costs associated with reusable versus disposable options, including the costs of sterilization and potential waste disposal for the latter.

Q3:What Are the Main Uses of a Toomey Syringe in Medical Procedures?

A3:The Toomey Syringe is primarily used for irrigation and aspiration in medical settings. It is an essential tool in urological procedures for bladder irrigation, wound washing during surgery, and applying antiseptics. Its larger volume capacity allows for efficient fluid management, making it a staple in surgical suites for a variety of procedures that require the cleaning and flushing of tissues.

Customer Reviews for GCmedica Toomey Irrigation Syringe

  • 1.Sophie Laurent


    "The precision and ease of use of the Toomey Syringe have significantly improved the efficiency of our urological procedures."

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