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Toomey Irrigation Syringe

Toomey Irrigation Syringe
  • Toomey Irrigation Syringe

Features of Toomey Irrigation Syringe

  • Toomey tip piston syringe comes with a catheter tip adapter and luer tip adapter.

  • Fits all standard cystoscopes or resectoscopes.

  • Thumb ring helps minimize hand slippage and prevent contamination. 

  • Raised, large and easy-to-read graduations, which are calibrated in oz and cc.

  • The elongated tip has an extra-large orifice for better removal of clots and mucous shreds.

  • Not made with natural rubber latex.

  • Available with Luer tip adapter.

Specification of Toomey Irrigation Syringe


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70ml, Toomey tip, molded graduation with luer tip adapter

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