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Polyurethane Nasogastric Feeding Tubes

enteral feeding tubes
  • enteral feeding tubes

Features of Enteral Feeding Tubes

  • Enteral tube feeding is the delivery of nutrients directly into the digestive tract via a tube. The tube is usually placed into the stomach, duodenum, or jejunum via either the nose, mouth, or the direct percutaneous route.

  • It is used to feed patients who cannot obtain an adequate oral intake from food and/or oral nutritional supplements, or who cannot eat/drink safely. Enteral feeding is used commonly in patients with dysphagia – any impairment of eating, drinking, and swallowing.

  • A New Connection Standard ISO 80369.

  • ENFit Connector

  • Tube with radio-opaque stripes, numerical marking every centimeter, closed rounded tip, 2 lateral distal openings, Unfit male connector with screw cap.

  • Available in Nonweight and weight tips. Support to MRI safety scan (with guide-wire removed) with guide-wire.

  • Available length is 40cm, 50cm, 90cm, 110cm, 120cm, 125cm and 130cm for Enteral Naso-gastric tubes,Enteral Naso-duodenal tubes,Enteral Naso-jejunal tubes.

Specification of Enteral Feeding Tubes

PU – Recommended duration of use: 30 days Max

PVC - Recommended duration of use: 7 days Max


Product code




Without guide-wire, closed rounded tip, Fr4-Fr20



Without guide-wire, weight tip, Fr4-Fr20



With guide-wire, closed rounded tip, Fr4-Fr20



With guide-wire, weight tip, Fr4-Fr20

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