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	Freesia Irrigation Set
  • Freesia Irrigation Set

Freesia Irrigation Set

The Freesia Irrigation Set is a comprehensive solution designed for medical procedures requiring sterile fluid application. It ensures precise and controlled irrigation in surgeries or wound care, vital for preventing infection and promoting optimal healing outcomes.

Specification of Freesia Irrigation Set

Product code


Non vented spike


Drip chamber


Roller regulator1
Soft tube adaptor1
DrawingFreesia Irrigation Set

Maintenance and Storage of the Freesia Irrigation Set

Storage Recommendations:The Freesia Irrigation Set should be stored in a controlled environment to preserve its integrity and sterility. The storage area should be clean, dry, and maintain a stable temperature that adheres to the guidelines specified by the product's labeling. Avoid extreme temperatures and areas where the sets might be exposed to direct sunlight or moisture, as these conditions can degrade the materials and compromise the sterile barrier. The sets should remain in their original packaging to prevent contamination until they are ready for use.

Disposal Guidelines:After use, the Freesia Irrigation Set is considered medical waste and should be disposed of according to hospital protocols and local regulations regarding biohazardous materials. This typically involves placing the used set into a designated sharps container if it contains any needles or into an appropriate biohazard bag. These containers should be sealed and labeled correctly to alert waste management personnel to the potential risk. Following proper disposal protocols is critical for the safety of healthcare providers, patients, and the environment, ensuring that all components are appropriately handled to mitigate the risk of infection transmission or environmental impact.

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