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	Funnel ENFit Transition Connector with Cap
  • Funnel ENFit Transition Connector with Cap

Funnel ENFit Transition Connector with Cap

The enteral transition adapters are provided in a number of configurations providing different connection possibilities to enteral devices currently on the market. Adapters will facilitate compatibility between the new system and the current existing system of devices as the market transitions to ®.

Features of Funnel ENFit Transition Connector With Cap

  • This transition connector is intended for connecting an enteral giving set equipped with a stepped enteral distal end to a catheter equipped with an ENfit connector.

  • Not made with natural rubber latex.

  • DEHP/BPA free.

Specification of Funnel ENFit Transition Connector With Cap


Product code




Enteral Transition adapters for enteral feeding

FAQ of Enfit Funnel Connector

Q1:What are the benefits of ENFit connectors?

A1:ENFit connectors enhance patient safety by preventing misconnections between enteral and other medical devices. They offer secure, standardized connections for enteral feeding systems.

Q2:What is the adoption rate of ENFit connectors in North America?

A2:The adoption rate is growing, as more healthcare facilities are transitioning to ENFit connectors for compliance with safety standards and guidelines.

Q3:What is the purpose of an ENFit connector?

A3:The primary purpose is to provide a secure and standardized connection for enteral feeding devices, ensuring compatibility and reducing the risk of misconnections.

Q4:What is the difference between legacy and ENFit connectors?

A4:Legacy connectors are non-standardized and can be connected to various medical devices, leading to risks of misconnections. ENFit connectors are designed specifically for enteral devices, preventing misconnections with other medical systems.

Customer Reviews for Enfit Funnel Connector

  • 1.Sarah Johnson


    "The ENFit Transition Connectors have streamlined our enteral feeding processes, ensuring safety and compatibility."

  • 2.Thomas Müller


    "Switching to ENFit connectors has significantly reduced misconnection incidents in our hospital."

  • 3.Carlos Garcia


    "These connectors are easy to use and provide the security we need in enteral feeding."

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