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	Gastric Lavage Kit
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Gastric Lavage Kit

Used in medical institutions for rescuing poisoning and preoperative gastric lavage.

Application of Gastric Lavage Kit

The Gastric Lavage Kits are fully assembled, disposable kits that promote quick, efficient lavage of stomach contents. This completely closed system is designed to protect healthcare professionals from potential exposure to stomach contents and charcoal solutions during gastric lavage or decontamination procedures.

Applicable People of Gastric Lavage Kit

People who need gastric lavage and gastrointestinal decompression due to food or drug poisoning, preoperative preparation, and other reasons.

Details of Gastric Lavage Kit

  • Top port (Easy-to-fill)

  • Solution bag   

  • Closed system   

  • Universal connector

  • Lavage tubing

  • Drainage bag

  • With optional activated charcoal

  • With optional universal solution spike

  • Bite block

Features of Gastric Lavage Kit


  • Pre-assembled kits are quick and easy to use, reducing the time for lavage procedures  

  • Closed system helps prevent exposure to stomach contents  

  • Available with activated charcoal suspension  

  • Easy-to-fill top port  

  • Available with Universal Solution Spike (for use with pre-filled solution containers) 

  • No clean up or disinfecting procedures necessary  

  • All kits come standard with bite block


  • An open bullet tip design with multiple eyelets to create free-flowing movement with low resistance.  

  • Soft clear tube with smooth tip  

  • Suction connector on proximal end  

  • Radiopaque stripe  

  • All tubing is 48 inches long with reference marks at 18, 20 and 22 inches from distal end   

  • Individually packaged

  • Latex Free

Specification of Gastric Lavage Kit

GC3006S01AC013500ML Solution Bag+5000ML Drainage Bag
GC3006S01BC013500ML Solution Bag +5000ML Drainage Bag + Lavage Tubing

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