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FAQs of Endoscopy Care And Accessories Procedure

FAQs of Endoscopy Care And Accessories Procedure

FAQs of Laparoscopic Procedures

FAQs of Laparoscopic Procedures

  • Q Clinical application of Veress Needle A

    Veress Needle puncture was used for intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

    Simple pleural aspiration with Veress Needle is simple and convenient, with a high success rate and few complications.

    Veress Needle laparoscopic ligation of inguinal hernia sac with high position has the advantages of a small injury, concealed incision, quick recovery, short hospitalization time, simple operation and definite curative effect. The contralateral occult hernia can also be found and a second operation can be avoided.

    The application of Veress Needle thread and double-hole laparoscopic appendectomy for an appendectomy is simple, economical and practical

  • Q Suction & Irrigation Set features A

    Transparent ergonomic hand piece-comfort design for both right and left-hand use

    color-coded smooth out button pistons with dual seal to prevent leaking high flow clog-free valves

    Available with 5mm*330mm prode&10mm*345mm probe

    Dual spike with 3m of flexible tubing

    flip back cap(fluid and gas-tight)facilitates the utilization of instruments up to 3.55mm or laser fibers through the handpiece

    Smooth atraumatic probe tip with 8vent

  • Q What surgery requires the Retrievel Bag A

    It is suitable for 99% of minimally invasive endoscopic surgery

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