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	Flexible Curette
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Flexible Curette

The GCMedica Disposable Vacuum Curettes are carefully designed and manufactured with care in our laboratories to reduce potential patient trauma. GCMedica curettes consist of a minimum outer diameter for fast, safe and total evacuation by suction of the uterine cavity. 

Biocompatibility: Latex-free.

Shelf Life:5 years.

Features of Flexible Curette

  • Flexibility : Flexible curette reduces perforation risk and improve patient comfort

  • Biocompatibility : The product is latex-free, making it suitable for patients with latex allergies.

Specification of Flexible Curette


Product code





Flexible, 4mm

02GC7049C05Flexible, 5mm50/carton
03GC7049C06Flexible, 6mm50/carton
04GC7049C07Flexible, 7mm50/carton
05GC7049C08Flexible, 8mm50/carton
06GC7049C09Flexible, 9mm50/carton
07GC7049C10Flexible, 10mm50/carton
08GC7049C11Flexible, 11mm50/carton
09GC7049C12Flexible, 12mm50/carton

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1:How does the flexibility of the GCMedica Flexible Curette enhance patient safety during procedures?

A1:The unique flexibility of our curette minimizes the risk of uterine perforation, a common concern in gynecological procedures. By adapting to the natural contours of the uterus, it ensures a safer and more comfortable experience for patients. This feature is particularly beneficial in cases with unusual uterine anatomy or when navigating scar tissue.

Q2:What size options are available for the Flexible Curette, and how do I choose the right one?

A2:Our Flexible Curette comes in a range of sizes from 4mm to 12mm in diameter, catering to diverse medical needs. Choosing the correct size depends on the specific requirements of the procedure and the patient's anatomy. It's advisable to consult with a medical professional or our technical support for guidance on selecting the most appropriate size.

Q3:Is the Flexible Curette suitable for patients with latex allergies?

A3:Absolutely. We have designed our Flexible Curette to be latex-free, ensuring it is safe for use with patients who have latex allergies. This biocompatible feature is part of our commitment to patient safety and care.

Q4:How can I purchase the Flexible Curette, and are there any bulk order options?

A4:The Flexible Curette can be purchased directly through our website or by contacting our sales team. We offer the option to buy in bulk, with the curettes packaged 50 per carton, providing cost-effective solutions for healthcare facilities.

Customer Reviews for GCmedica Flexible Curette

  • 1.Emily Thompson


    "As a gynecologist, I've found the GCMedica Flexible Curette to be an essential tool. Its flexibility significantly reduces patient discomfort during procedures. Highly recommend!"

  • 2.David Johnson


    "Our clinic recently switched to these curettes and the difference is remarkable. Patients report less discomfort, and the variety of sizes is very convenient."

  • 3.Laura Smith


    "The latex-free aspect of this curette is vital for our patients with allergies. It's great to have a reliable, safe option for them."

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