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FAQs of Urological

FAQs of Urological

  • Q How often should the Nelaton catheter be replaced A

    In general, in clinical practice, patients with long-term indwelling urethral catheters usually need to be replaced once every 2 weeks, because replacing the catheter too often is likely to cause infection and increase the pain of patients. Like long-term indwelling catheter patients, in addition to the regular replacement of the catheter, usually pay attention to the perineal health of the patient, to do regular bladder irrigation, but also pay attention to the disinfection of the urethral opening.

  • Q Use notes on Bladder Irrigation Set A

    Bladder flushing needs to pay special attention to the water temperature, the general water temperature should be maintained at 35℃~37℃, if there is bleeding in the bladder, you need to use cold flushing solution, flushing 2~3 times a day, each flushing solution 50~100ML. If the bladder operation is completed, the amount of flushing fluid should not exceed 50ML, and the patient's reaction should be observed at any time during the flushing. If there is any abnormal situation such as severe pain, bleeding, or less return flow than the infusion volume, it is necessary to stop the flushing immediately.

  • Q Indications for the Urinary Drainage Bag A

    1. Patients with urinary retention or bladder outlet obstruction

    2. Urinary incontinence

    Accurate monitoring of urine volume

    4. Patients are unable or unwilling to collect urine

    5. Patients who need to stay in bed for a long time or who need to be forced into a position for a long time

    6. Perioperative use during surgical operations

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