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FAQs of Cardiothoracic Surgery

FAQs of Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • Q Mucosal Atomization Device Features A

    Atomized nasal medications absorb across mucosal membranes to the bloodstream, avoiding first-pass metabolism

    Atomized nasal medications offer rapid absorption across mucosal membranes to the bloodstream into the brain and cerebrospinal fluid via olfactory mucosa to the nose-brain pathway

    Approaches medication levels comparable to injections1 safe and painless

    No needle, no shot, no pain, and no risk of needle stick

    Nasal drug administration is quick and easy, eliminating

  • Q Vacuum Wound Drainage System Advantage A

    Lure lock connection, reduce pollution

    High-quality drainage tube

    Clear marking ruler, convenient for medical staff to record

    Pre-vacuum bottle with vacuum indicator.

  • Q When is the Vacuum Wound Drainage System needed A

    Surgical procedures such as thyroidectomy with large wounds after surgery

    Arthroscopy, spinal surgery and other orthopedic surgery with higher requirements for asepsis

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