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	Sup-flow Bladder Irrigation Set
  • Sup-flow Bladder Irrigation Set

Sup-flow Bladder Irrigation Set

Features of Sup-flow Bladder Irrigation Set

  • Allows the use of 4 irrigation containers to minimize procedure interruption.

  • Includes oversized drip chamber, large bore tubing, 4 non-vented piercing pins, 4 upper pinch clamps, 3 Y-connectors, sight chamber, lower pinch clamp, and urological connector.

  • 4-lead irrigation set with ID 7mm tubing and approximately 225cm in length.

  • 4-thumb operated Robert’s clamps located above drip chamber facilitate quick changing of solution bags

  • Comes with multi-flow dual spike delivering flow rates.

  • Proximal end fitted with flexible latex tubing for easy connection to Endoscope

  • Spikes and drip chambers are available with one type.

  • Burette drip chamber and extra wider tube ID for large flow irrigation.

Specification of Sup-flow Bladder Irrigation Set

Product code


Non vented spike


Drip chamber


Roller regulator


Silicon tube adapter


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