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	Warming Unit and Warming Blanket
  • warming unit and warming blanket 2
  • warming unit and warming blanket

Warming Unit and Warming Blanket

Product Application: Used in the Intensive Care Unit and Operating Room

Purpose of the Product: The temperature management system is designed to prevent and treat hypothermia. Additionally, it can provide thermal comfort to patients in situations where they might feel excessively hot or cold.

Target Audience: Adult and child patients undergoing surgery

Applicable Departments: Intensive Care Unit and Operating Room

Features of Warming Unit and Warming Blanket

Discover our innovative medical warming system, designed to combat hypothermia while ensuring patient comfort:

1. Experience safe, silent, and efficient heating, delivering optimal warmth with high heating efficiency.

2. Enjoy uniform heating that spreads warmth evenly across a wider surface area, ensuring swift effectiveness.

3. Rest assured with our system's burn-free operation, suitable for gentle rewarming without any risks.

4. Elevate your medical environment with a sleek modern design and compact form factor, seamlessly integrating into any setting.

5. Take control with ease using our user-friendly interface, offering four distinct temperature settings (43°C, 38°C, 32°C, ambient temperature) for personalized comfort at your fingertips.

Specification of Warming Unit and Warming Blanket

Product codeDescription

3 adjustable temperature levels (32C, 38C, 43C)

Average power of 650W, maximum of 1255W

Power cord: 4.6 m, HAR, 3 cond, 10 A, 220 -240 VAC. 50/60 Hz, 6 A or

Flexible hose size: 80 "(203 cm) long, Weight 1.51 1b (0.686 kg), Diameter 2~(5.08 cm)

GC2004A101183cm x 91cm; Operating Room (Head, Neck)
GC2004B102213 cm x 91cm.2 port; Operating room (spine, abdomen, abdomen, pelvis)
GC2004C103152 cm x 91cm; Operating Room (Upper Body Surgery)
GC2004C10489 cm x 61cm; Operating Room (Upper Body Surgery)
GC2004D205192cmX61cm, dual port; Operating Room (Lower Body)
GC2004D202213cm x 91cm, dual port; Operating Room (Lower Body)
G2004E103152cm x 91cm; Post anesthesia monitoring and treatment room, pediatrics
GC2004F10691 x 188cm; Urology, Gynecology, Colorectal Surgery, Knee Surgery, Ankle Surgery, Caesarean Section)
GC2004G106188cm x 91cm; Catheter Room and Interventional Radiology

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