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Oral & Nasal Aspirator

Oral & Nasal Aspirator

Our Oral & Nasal Aspirator is a specialized device intended for undergoing E.N.T surgical procedures. It provides efficient negative pressure suction to safely remove mucus from oral and nasal passages, crucial for preoperative preparation and postoperative care. This aspirator is particularly gentle, catering to the delicate nature of pediatric patients. Its design focuses on ease of use and patient comfort, ensuring minimal distress while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. 

Oral & Nasal Aspirator Information

Product Name:Oral & Nasal AspiratorApplicable Departments:E.N.T Equipment
Product Usage:Used for negative pressure suction operations in the nasal cavity and oral cavity
Applicable people:1. Pediatric patients with nasal and oral diseases
2.Preoperative cleanup or postoperative care for pediatric patients undergoing nasal and oral surgery
Product features:1. Holdable with one hand
2.Thumb controlled suction
3.Soft head
4.Optional guard (the guard is used to protect the suction head from damage, debris, and external contamination; noise reduction plug)


  • 1.Tapered Tube Design: The tapered design reduces the resistance of the tube when it is inserted into the nasal cavity, and the soft tube part avoids damage to the fragile nasal cavity. The soft tube section prevents damage to the delicate nasal cavity.

  • 2.Smooth ring on the distal surface of the tube: prevents poking and prodding of the mucous membrane.

  • 3.The whole tube is made of TPU material: soft, flexible and not easy to bend.

  • 4. Thumb press port: ergonomically designed to fit perfectly with the shape of the thumb. Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly with the shape of the thumb, which is conducive to improving airtightness and comfort when pressing.

  • 5. Pagoda-shaped port: easy to quickly connect with negative pressure suction equipment.

  • 6. Sheath: reduce the possibility of contamination, and has a buckle section, not easy to slip off after set, insertion and removal of labor-saving.

  • 7. Does not contain natural rubber latex or plasticizer DEHP.

Specification Of Oral & Nasal Aspirator


Product code




Model A with Shroud, with Control Valve, Mouth inner diameter: 1.8



Model A with Shroud, with Control Valve, Mouth inner diameter:  3.1



Model A without shroud, with control valve, Mouth inner diameter:  1.8



Model A without shroud, with control valve, Mouth inner diameter:  3.1

Why Choose Gcmedica Oral & Nasal Aspirator

  • 1. Thumb press port: Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly with the shape of the thumb, which helps to improve airtightness and comfort when pressing. It can fit the shape of the thumb perfectly, which is helpful to improve the airtightness and comfort when pressing.

  • 2. The whole hose is made of TPU material: good biocompatibility, not easy to cause adverse reactions; good flexibility, not easy to bend. Good flexibility, not easy to bend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q1:What is a nasal oral aspirator?

A1:A nasal oral aspirator is a medical device used to clear mucus from an individual's nasal and oral cavities. It is particularly useful for patients who are unable to clear these areas themselves, such as infants or those with certain medical conditions. The device typically consists of a tube that connects to a mouthpiece or a suction pump. When the user applies suction, mucus is safely drawn out of the nasal or oral passages into a receptacle or filter. These aspirators are designed to be gentle enough for delicate mucosal tissues, ensuring safe and effective clearance without irritation.

Q2:Is it OK to use a nasal aspirator on a newborn?

A2: Yes, it is generally safe to use a nasal aspirator on a newborn, provided the device is specifically designed for such delicate use. Newborns are obligate nasal breathers and having clear nasal passages is essential for feeding and sleeping. Pediatric nasal aspirators are designed with softer tips and gentler suction to ensure the safety and comfort of newborns. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions closely and to use the aspirator gently to avoid any potential discomfort or injury. If there is any concern or if the newborn has underlying health conditions, it's advisable to consult with a pediatrician before using a nasal aspirator.

Q3:How do you clean and maintain the Pediatric Oral & Nasal Aspirator?

A3:Maintaining the Pediatric Oral & Nasal Aspirator is simple and straightforward to ensure the device remains hygienic and safe for repeated use. After each use, detach the parts that have come into contact with mucus and rinse them with warm, soapy water. For thorough sterilization, parts can be placed in boiling water or a suitable sterilizing solution according to the product instructions. Allow all components to air dry completely before reassembly to prevent any bacterial growth.

Oral & Nasal Aspirator Reviews

  • 1.Sophia Bernard


    "It's easy to take apart and clean, which is essential for me. Plus, it's gentle on my baby's nose and does the job perfectly."

  • 2.Elena Rossi


    "It's gentle, easy to use, and really effective at clearing mucus. "

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