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	Urostream Drain Bag
  • uro drain  bag
  • Suction Specimen Drain Bag

Urology Drain Bag designed to fit most hoop frames. This unique design includes a vinyl flap that goes under the patient to direct fluids into the bag, a flexible 6' long hose, and a tissue filter to allow for the collection of the tissue specimens. This optional design makes things safer and easier for your O.R. personnel by allowing them to utilize your existing suction equipment. The result is better management and control of infectious fluid waste.

Features of Urostream Drain Bag

  • Mounts with integral clamps to the side rail.

  • A flexible band provides excellent access while providing superior fluid containment.

  • Compatible with all suction systems for exact liquid collection.

Specification of Urostream Drain Bag


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Fixed filter



Removable filter

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