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Features of HSG Catheter

  • Designed for hysterosalpingography and sonohysterography procedure.

  • Disposable with rigid sheath, available with Fr5 and Fr7 in size.

  • Radiopaque material of catheter allows the clear view during the procedure.

  • Intended for use in the injection of contrast material in the examination of the uterus and fallopian tubes

  • The balloon forms a seal at the internal cervical os to hold the saline or contrast in the uterus

  • Rigid insertion sheath

  • Include syringe

  • Latex Free

  • To know more HSG Catheter Wholesale Buying Information, you can download our HSG catheter for Gynaecology or the latest GCmedica Disposable Medical Equipment List to know more. We also uploaded the latest HSG Catheter Introduction Video on Youtube and and website. Anyway, welcome to Contact GCmedica directly for hsg catheter prices!

Specification of HSG Catheter


Product code




Fr5, latex-free



Fr7, latex-free

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