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	Reusable Outer Canister
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Reusable Outer Canister

The Reusable Outer Canister, available in sizes like 1000ml, 1500ml, and 3000ml, is designed for medical use. It's utilized for collecting and storing fluids and waste during medical procedures. Its reusability supports environmental sustainability by reducing single-use plastic. Made from high-quality materials, it ensures durability and safety across various medical settings. Its design facilitates easy cleaning and sterilization, aligning with strict healthcare hygiene standards. This product offers cost efficiency and operational effectiveness for healthcare facilities.

Features of Reusable Outer Canister

  • The reusable out canister providing safe, convenient, and economical solutions for fluid collection.

  • Reusable clear plastic canister used to hold the disposable semirigid liners.

  • Canister for wall mount 1000ml, 1500ml, and 3000ml are available

  • Reusable polycarbonate canister/bracket assembly for use with a disposable liner

  • Bracket assembly has preattached tubing for connection to the disposable liner

Specification of Reusable Outer Canister


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1:How does the Reusable Outer Canister compare to single-use options?

A1:Compared to single-use alternatives, the Reusable Outer Canister offers superior performance and reliability. Made with durable materials and designed for effectiveness in various medical environments, it provides a better return on investment by reducing waste and environmental impact.

Q2:What are the maintenance and cleaning guidelines for the Reusable Outer Canister?

A2:Proper maintenance and cleaning are crucial for the longevity of the Reusable Outer Canister. Regular cleaning and sterilization, following manufacturer guidelines and using hospital-grade disinfectants, are essential. Proper care ensures hygienic and safe use while extending the product's lifespan.

Q3:What are the environmental benefits of using the Reusable Outer Canister?

A3:The Reusable Outer Canister significantly reduces environmental impact. Its reusability lowers the demand for single-use plastics, reducing waste. Additionally, less frequent replacement reduces the carbon footprint associated with production and transportation.

Q4:What safety standards and certifications does the Reusable Outer Canister meet?

A4:The Reusable Outer Canister meets stringent safety standards and certifications, including specific medical device standards like ISO certifications. These certifications ensure its quality and performance, providing assurance and safety in various medical settings.

Customer Reviews for GCmedica Reusable Outer Canister

  • 1.Johnathan Maple


    "The 1500ml canister's durability and ease of cleaning make it indispensable in our clinic."

  • 2.Elena Rodriguez


    "We've noticed significant cost savings since switching to these reusable canisters. Highly recommend!"

  • 3.Nadia Kuznetsova


    "As an environmental advocate, I appreciate the sustainability aspect of these canisters."

  • 4.Liam O'Sullivan


    "Excellent product, it has streamlined our waste management processes efficiently."

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