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Irrigation Tubing

Gcmedica offer disposable Irrigation tubing is available for the following:

Olympus@ OFP and Endostat II

Pentax@ and Meditron@ Pumps (also available with Fujinon@ Endoscope connector)

EndoGator@ Irrigation Pump (also available with Fujinon@ Endoscope connector)

Type Of Irrigation Tubing

Working Principle:

  • Medical irrigation tubing is typically a flexible plastic tube used to deliver sterile water during endoscopic surgeries. This type of tubing is elastic and tough enough to ensure it does not easily break during procedures.

  • The tubing is connected to a specialized electric water pump, which can precisely control the flow rate and pressure of the water to meet various surgical requirements.

  • A disposable valve inside the tube is designed to prevent backflow of water, ensuring the sterility of the surgical area. This valve is usually made of medical-grade materials capable of withstanding certain water pressures without functional failure.

Why Choose GCmedica Irrigation Tubing:

  • The irrigation tubing is disposable and can be used for up to 24 hours before disposal, greatly reducing the risk of cross-infection and ensuring the hygiene of the medical environment.

  • Due to its disposable nature, medical staff do not need to spend extra time and resources on cleaning and disinfection, thereby increasing work efficiency.

  • The tubing can be connected to a connector designed for single-patient use, which contains a disposable valve. This design not only enhances patient safety but also ensures precision during the surgical process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Irrigation Tubing


Q1: What is the standard size for irrigation tubing?

A1: The standard size of irrigation tubing varies based on the specific medical procedure and the equipment used. In general, the diameter and length of the tubing are designed to meet the requirements of different medical devices and patient needs. For instance, endoscopic procedures might require different tubing sizes compared to other medical applications. It's important to select the size that ensures efficient and safe fluid delivery, taking into account the compatibility with the medical equipment in use.

Q2: What is the best material for irrigation tubing?

A2: The ideal material for irrigation tubing is typically a medical-grade plastic that offers flexibility, durability, and sterility. Materials like PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or polyethylene are commonly used due to their non-reactive properties and compatibility with medical standards. These materials ensure that the tubing remains sterile, resistant to wear and tear during procedures, and safe for patient use. Additionally, they are conducive to maintaining the purity and flow of the fluids being administered.

Disposable Irrigation Tubing Design

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