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	Tranquiglide™ Patient Handling System
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Tranquiglide™ Patient Handling System

Tranquiglide™ offers a revolutionary air transfer system, combining an efficient air pump with a durable air mattress. Designed for healthcare settings, it streamlines patient transfers and repositioning, significantly reducing physical strain for caregivers. This innovative system not only enhances patient safety but also minimizes the risk of injury, promoting a more efficient, cost-effective solution for patient handling in hospitals and nursing facilities.


Product Category:Patient handling and transferApplicable departments:Hospitals, nursing institutions
Product Name:air transfer system(air supply pump and air transfer mattress)
Product Usage:Used to assist caregivers with patient transfers, positioning (including boosting and turning) and prone positioning.
Applicable people:1. Patients who are unable to perform lateral transfers.
2. Patients whose weight or size poses a potential risk to the caregiver during lateral transfers or repositioning of the patient by the caregiver.
Product features:1.Saves labor and improves transfer efficiency
2.Reduces risk in transferring patients for caregivers
3.lower hospital costs
4.Avoids injuries to patients and caregivers during transfers.
5.Reduced hand tension, reduced shoulder flexion, reduced net shoulder moments
6.Reduce upper extremity and lower back muscle activity
7.Reduced acceleration of patient's head movement

Air Supply


  • Flexible connection between the body and hanger prevents damage to furnishings and equipment

  • Variable speed inflation button allows caregivers to center patients prior to full inflation

  • Convenient handle design

Product code Dimensions

Product code



Power input

Maximum air volume


12.5"(L) × 7"(W) × 7"(H)


AC110V/60Hz and AC220V/50Hz

3500 L/min

Air Transfer Mattress


  • Help reduce staff injuries (musculoskeletal disorders) and worker's compensation costs

  • Support wedge for patient comfort

  • Easy to inflate and deflate

  • Available in a wide range of sizes

  • 450kg safe working load

  • Latex free

Product code Description

Product code





28"(W) × 78"(L)

34"(W) × 78"(L)

39"(W) × 78"(L)

50"(W) × 78"(L)



28"(W) × 78"(L)

34"(W) × 78"(L)

39" (W) × 78"(L)

50"(W) × 78"(L)


  • Blower modeling appearance is beautiful, practical, easy to operate, with easy to carry, easy to store features

  • Blower noise is less than or equal to 70db

  • Blower air filtration precision can be filtered diameter greater than 0.5 microns of large particulate matter

  • Maximum load capacity of the gliding mat is 450kg

  • The blower can adjust the flow rate according to different needs, and the operation switch and interface should be simple and easy to understand, easy to use.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q1:What is an air assisted transfer device?

    A1:An air assisted transfer device is a tool used in medical and caregiving environments to aid in the safe and efficient movement of patients. It usually comprises an inflatable mattress or pad connected to an air supply. The device works by inflating to create a low-friction surface, enabling caregivers to glide patients across beds, trolleys, or other surfaces with ease. This device plays a critical role in reducing the physical strain on healthcare staff and enhancing patient comfort during transfers.

    Q2:What is the inflatable pad to move patients?

    A2:The inflatable pad for moving patients is a component of air transfer systems, designed to facilitate easy and safe patient transfers. It's a specially designed mattress-like pad that can be inflated to create a smooth, air-cushioned surface. When inflated, it significantly reduces friction, allowing caregivers to slide patients with minimal effort and risk of injury. This pad is a key tool in healthcare settings, particularly beneficial for patients with limited mobility, reducing discomfort and ensuring safety during movements.

    Q3:Is the system easy to operate for healthcare staff?

    A3:Yes, the Tranquiglide™ system is user-friendly and designed for ease of use. The intuitive controls and straightforward operation allow healthcare staff to quickly learn and efficiently use the system, reducing training time and enhancing operational efficiency.

    Customer Reviews for GCmedica Patient Handling System

    • 1.Emily Clarkson


      "Our patients feel more comfortable and secure during transfers"

    • 2.Marcus Bryant


      "It's easy to use"

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