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Adaptability and Functional Characteristics of Endotracheal Intubation

Adaptation symptoms of endotracheal tube intubation

1. Patients suffer all kinds of congenital and acquired upper respiratory tract obstruction who need to establish a controllable artificial airway immediately.

2. Patients suffer the retention of secretions in the lower respiratory tract caused by various reasons, and it is necessary to aspiration and drainage.

3. Endotracheal tube intubation can be used for heartbeat and respiratory arrest caused by various reasons who need M-CPR.

4. Patients with respiratory failure due to various reasons requires artificial assisted ventilation.

5. Neonatal dyspnea caused by various reasons.

6. Surgery which requires intratracheal anesthesia.

The functional characteristics of endotracheal tube intubation:

1. The tube has an indicator balloon, which can indicate the inflation of the balloon.

2. The front end of the inflation tube is equipped with a spring-controlled one-way valve, which can keep the sealing and intact of the balloon when it is inflated.

3. The flexible body of the endotracheal tube intubation helps to reduce the damage to the airway during intubation and extubation.

The high-volume and low-pressure balloon design for endotracheal tube intubation, manually processed joints of the gas outlet and balloon, the smooth side holes, softened balloon and the stable balloon pressure reduce the leakage of anesthetic gas.

Characteristics of nasal endotracheal intubation

1. The nasal endotracheal intubation is better fixed and there is less sliding during nursing and artificial respiration.

2. The patient cannot bite the intubation tube, and the awake patient feels the nasal intubation tube is more comfortable and make swallowing better.

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