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Advantages and Using Methods of the Medical Isolation Goggles

Ⅰ. The role of medical goggles

Medical goggles belong to a class of medical devices. As personal protective equipment for medical personnel, it has a good barrier effect on aerosols and splashing liquids in the air. To a large extent protect the health and safety of front-line workers.

Ⅱ. How to use safety eye goggles

1. Open the inner packaging and take out the medical goggles (there is no need to install);

2. Adjust the angle to make the eye mask fit the facial skin completely;

3. Put the elastic band on the head and adjust the appropriate elasticity according to each.

Ⅲ. The advantages of safety eye goggles

1. The safety goggles are composed of a protective cover made of polymer materials and a fixing device;

2. Gcmedica goggles comply with national standard GB14866-2006, European standard EN166:2001, American standard ANSI/ISEA Z87.1, Canadian standard CSA Z94.3, and have been filed with customs for export and place of origin. Our goggles have passed the authoritative inspection of the whole project, and the quality is reliable. Apart from the regular goggles, we also provide blue color goggles.

3. Anti-fog lens, so that the wearer will no longer be disturbed by "fog";

4. 270-degree curved surface, wide 2.0 anti-impact lens, the wearer has a wider field of vision, and there is no sense of visual fatigue or depression;

5. The visible light transmittance of safety goggles exceeds 90%, and the field of vision is clearer;

6. The silicone mirror frame fits the face more comfortably and tightly;

7. The safety goggles support free adjustment of the fastening strap, making it more comfortable to wear.

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