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How to Use an Enema Bag?

The traditional method cannot be directly injected, and the flow rate cannot be well controlled; resulting in a series of problems. However, with the timely development of science in those years, it is possible to use good treatment methods to achieve clinically satisfactory results.

1. Step 1 of using the enema bag

Under normal circumstances, the enema bag is composed of a suspension device, a liquid bag, a hose, a regulator, anal cannula, anal plug and other parts. The use of the enema bag is convenient to use clean water to help people clean the human large intestine. Puts pressure on the human large intestine to a certain extent to make the large intestine peristaltic completely. This can help soften the toxins in the large intestine, making it easier to pass the stool. After letting the patient in sideways, take the pants down to the knees; then, with the legs bent, put some toilet paper on the buttocks with tarpaulins.

2. Step 2 of using the enema bag

Enema bags mainly use warm water, saline, various enemas or coffee solutions to clean the large intestine. After pouring an appropriate amount of enema solution into the enema device, hang it at a height of 60cm from the buttocks; try to remove the air inside; clamp the quick-close. At the same time, lubricate the paraffin oil of the lower anal canal of the enema device.

3. Step 3 of using the enema bag

After opening the gluteal cleft with the left hand, insert the anal canal into the anus with your right hand at a distance of 7 ~ 10cm. Then, after opening the tube, you can see that the enema slowly flows into the intestine. If the inflow of liquid is blocked, the anal canal can be rotated or squeezed to cause the feces that block the anal canal to fall off.

4. Step 4 of using the enema bag

After the enema, after pulling out the anal canal; wait until 5 to 10 minutes after the feces are discharged. No other adjunctive drugs are required during the enema. In the case of a single person, the enema bag and anal canal can be cleaned and reused after cleaning. For people with gastrointestinal distress, occasional enemas can be used to clear the stomach and detoxify. During the whole process of artificial afterburner, you can sit or lie on your side to perform comfortable enema activities.

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