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How to Wear a Medical Protective Face Shield and 5 Precautions

A protective face shield is an appliance used to protect the face and neck from flying metal chips, harmful gases, liquid splashes, metal and high-temperature solvent droplets. There are mainly welding masks, anti-shock masks, anti-radiation masks, anti-smoke and gas masks and thermal insulation masks.

1. When should the medical protective face shield be used?

(1) When it is predicted that the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions will be splashed during diagnosis and treatment or nursing operations.

(2) When it is necessary to have close contact with patients with infectious diseases transmitted by droplets.

(3) Use in cases where close-range operations such as tracheotomy and tracheal intubation are performed for respiratory infectious diseases, which may cause the patient's blood, body fluids, and secretions to splash.

2. Wearing methods of the medical protective face shield

(1) Wear it directly and adjust the comfort.

(2) When taking off the standard mask, you need to pinch the side close to the head or ear, and put it into a recycling device or a medical waste container after taking it off.

3. Five precautions for the medical protective face shield

(1) It needs to be cleaned and disinfected after use.

(2) Before use, it is necessary to confirm whether the protective mask is damaged, or whether the wearing device is loose. Once there is any abnormality, the use should be cancelled immediately.

(3) When discarding medical protective face shields, be careful not to contaminate blood, body fluids, secretions on the protective face shields.

(4) Some medical protective face shields can be reused. For these products, if the contamination on the mask is found to be serious, it should be disposed of in accordance with the relevant regulations on medical waste.

(5) The focus of medical protective face shields is on protection. Everything should be based on protection, with protection as the top priority. When using medical protective masks, they should be put on and taken off correctly, and used in strict accordance with the prescribed methods.

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