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	Orthopedic / Orthopaedic Suction Set
  • orthopedic suction set

Orthopedic / Orthopaedic Suction Set

The Orthopedic Suction Set is a suction system designed for use in orthopedic surgeries. It is designed to remove blood, body fluids and bone debris during surgery. This kit typically consists of a series of components, each with a specific function to ensure cleanliness of the surgical area, reduce the risk of infection, and provide a clear surgical field.

Clogging prevention and Specimen sampling are two critical demands for general suction procedures. Especially in orthopedic surgery, blockage caused by blood clots, tissue debris, bone debris, and bone cement fragments is a headache for doctors.  Easyflow Filtered suction system for orthopedic / orthopaedic surgery. Orthopedic / Orthopaedic Suction Set with filter keeps the operative area visible, clean, and clear. The special filter built into the handle automatically traps solid and can be exchanged in a matter of seconds when filled. Increased filter capacity makes the suction set ideal for hip arthroplasty and other procedures that produce a large amount of debris.

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Features of Orthopedic / Orthopaedic Suction Set

  • Non-block design decreases the risk of damage to tissue and postoperative infection and complications

  • Filter exchange takes only a few seconds

  • Reversible suction tip available with the straight or curved tip with length 15cm and 23cm.

  • Variety of choice in probe lengths and styles: straight and curved 15cm, 23cm and 28cm lengths.

  • Easy to insert one-way filter design

  • Screw threaded system allows easy setup

  • Rounded atraumatic tip design

  • Optional 2-3m suction tubing available

  • Single use, sterile, ready to use

  • DEHP and latex free

Specification of Orthopedic / Orthopaedic Suction Set

No.Product code




15cm curved tip & 23cm curved tip, without extra filter



15cm curved tip & 23cm curved tip, with extra filter



15cm curved tip & 23cm curved tip & straight tip, with extra filter



15cm curved tip & 15cm straight tip, with extra filter



23cm curved tip & 23cm straight tip, with extra filter



15cm curved tip, with extra filter

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