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What Are the Differences Between Medical Goggles and Ordinary Goggles?

Goggles are glasses worn during exercise or work. They are mainly used to prevent the eyes from being damaged by splashes, chemicals, infectious body fluids (such as droplets, blood, etc.), and strong light. When this kind of lens is manufactured, some metal oxides, such as iron, diamond, chromium, strontium, nickel, manganese, and some rare earth metal oxides, such as neodymium, are added to the general optical glass formulation.

These metal oxides enable the glass to selectively absorb electromagnetic waves in a certain range of light. For example, oxides of cerium and iron can absorb a large amount of ultraviolet rays. The use of this glass lens can reduce the amount of certain wavelengths passing through the lens and reduce or prevent damage to the eyes. Different colors of protective lenses can absorb light of different colors. Medical goggles are mainly used in medical institutions to play a protective role during inspection and treatment, and block body fluids and blood splashes. There are two types of goggles, medical type and ordinary type. What is the difference between them?

1. The protection of medical grade goggles and ordinary goggles

Medical goggles have strict specifications; ordinary goggles have no specifications, and there are many types. Medical goggles have better protection, and the lenses are not prone to fogging; the sight of ordinary goggles is easily affected. Medical goggles are to prevent blood and other substances from harming the eyes and prevent infection; ordinary goggles are to prevent grit and dust from irritating the eyes. And now there are emerging disposable goggles on the market.

2. Specifications of medical grade goggles and ordinary goggles

The medical grade goggles have special specifications, and the internal space is larger than that of ordinary goggles, because it is necessary to ensure that the medical staff wearing the glasses can use them normally. There are no such regulations for ordinary goggles, and compared to medical goggles, there are many types of specifications, sizes, and sizes of ordinary goggles.

3. The anti-fog effect of medical grade goggles and ordinary goggles

Compared with ordinary goggles, medical goggles are more protective. Not only that, the lenses inside the medical goggles are not prone to fogging after special treatment, so the vision will be clearer. The function of ordinary goggles can only protect the eyes, and if it is fogged, it will easily affect the line of sight. Therefore, the design of general goggles is only focused on the eyes.

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