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Catheter Mount

The Disposable Flexible Catheter Mount is a connecting device used to link the tubing of mechanical ventilation or anesthesia equipment with a patient's endotracheal tube or mask. It is primarily used in intensive care units, operating rooms, emergency departments, and any other settings where mechanical respiratory support is required.

Features of Catheter Mount

  • With a highly lightweight flexible tube, which prevents lateral pressure and minimizes drag from the breathing circuit.

  • Available with double swivel elbow for more convenience while operating.

Specification of Catheter Mount


Product code




Expandable tube, double swivel elbow, tube length 150mm



Corrugated tube, double swivel elbow, tube length 150mm



Expandable tube, standard elbow, tube length 150mm



Corrugated tube, standard elbow, tube length 150mm



A flexible tube with HME, straight connector, tube length 150mm

Disposable Flexible Catheter Mount Parts

  1. Interface Adapters: Typically located at both ends, these are used to connect the endotracheal tube and the tubing from ventilators or anesthesia machines. These interface adapters usually conform to international standard sizes, such as a 15mm diameter interface, ensuring compatibility with various types of equipment.

  2. Middle Flexible Hose: This part connects the two adapters and is made of highly elastic and durable medical-grade plastic or rubber materials to ensure sufficient flexibility and durability. It allows the tubing to move freely without exerting extra pressure, reducing the pull on the patient's airway.

  3. Swivel Joint: Some models may include a swivel joint, allowing the tubing part to rotate freely without disconnecting. This helps to further reduce mechanical stress on the patient's airway and the inserted tube.

  4. Fixing Clamps or Connectors: These are used to securely fix the Catheter Mount to the patient, bed, or other support structures, ensuring stability and preventing accidental movement or dislodging.

  5. Filters or Humidification Components: Some advanced models might include built-in filters or humidification components to improve the quality of the breathing gases, providing better comfort and safety for the patient.

  6. Materials and Manufacturing: These parts are typically made from non-toxic, biocompatible materials such as flexible plastics, silicone, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ensuring safety and performance during use.

Advantages of Gcmedica Catheter Mount

  • Single-Use: Designed for one-time use to prevent cross-infection.

  • Flexibility: Offers sufficient flexibility for easy positional adjustment while maintaining a stable connection.

  • Compatibility: Compatible with a variety of endotracheal tubes and anesthesia equipment.

  • Material: Made from medical-grade plastic, ensuring adequate strength as well as flexibility and safety.


Disposable Flexible Catheter Mount Price

When discussing the pricing of Disposable Flexible Catheter Mounts, it is important to consider several factors that influence the cost. The price can vary based on brand, quality, specific features, and the quantity purchased. Here is a detailed, professional, and accurate description:

  1. Brand Variations: Different manufacturers may offer Catheter Mounts at varying price points. Premium brands known for their high-quality products might charge more compared to generic or lesser-known brands.

  2. Quality and Features: The price can be influenced by the quality of materials used and the presence of additional features such as built-in filters, swivel joints, or specialized connectors. Higher quality materials or added features typically result in a higher price.

  3. Market Factors: Pricing is also subject to market factors like demand, availability, and competition. Prices may fluctuate based on these economic dynamics.

  4. Regulatory Compliance: Products that meet rigorous safety and quality standards, such as those with FDA approval or CE marking in Europe, might be priced higher due to the cost of compliance and certification.

  5. Volume Discounts: Purchasing in bulk often allows for discounts. Hospitals and medical facilities may benefit from lower per-unit prices when ordering large quantities.

  6. Regional Variations: The price can vary significantly depending on the region and local market conditions, including import tariffs, taxes, and distribution costs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Disposable Flexible Catheter Mount


Q1:What is a Catheter Mount?

A1:A Catheter Mount is a specialized medical device used to connect a patient's endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube to a mechanical ventilator, anesthesia machine, or other respiratory support systems. It acts as a flexible link between the patient and the equipment, allowing for movement and positional adjustments without exerting undue stress on the airway. Typically made from medical-grade materials, catheter mounts are designed for durability, flexibility, and compatibility with standard respiratory equipment.

Q2:What are the Disadvantages of Catheter Mounts?

A2:While catheter mounts are invaluable in respiratory care, they have some disadvantages. One issue is the potential for disconnection or leakages if not properly secured, which can lead to a compromise in patient ventilation. In the case of reusable mounts, there's a risk of cross-contamination if not adequately cleaned and sterilized. For disposable mounts, there's an environmental concern due to increased medical waste. Also, the need for regular replacement in long-term care settings can increase operational costs.

Q3:What Size is a Catheter Mount?

A3:The size of a catheter mount can vary, but most are designed to fit standard sizes of respiratory equipment. Typically, the connection points conform to a 15mm diameter interface, a common size in respiratory tubes and connectors. The length and flexibility of the tube part of the mount can also vary, designed to accommodate different clinical settings and patient needs. Manufacturers often provide specific dimensions and size options to ensure compatibility and functionality in various medical scenarios.

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