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Nasogastric (Ryles) Tubes

· Length: 90cm, 105cm, 110cm, 122cm

· Sizes: 4Fr to 24Fr


· Color coded funnel end connector for easy identification of size

· Available with or without luer connector

Features of Nasogastric Tubes

  • A feeding tube is a medical device that is used to feed an individual who is unable to take food by mouth safely.

  • Made of medical class PVC, non-toxic.

  • For nasogastric introduction of nutrition and aspiration of intestinal secretion

  • Closed distal end coned with radio-opaque material for accurate placement

  • Four lateral eyes

  • Tube with radio-opaque stripe, graduated from the tip for accurate placement

  • Soft, frosted and kink resistant PVC or PU tubing

Specification of Nasogastric Tubes


Product code


Nasogastric (Ryles) Tubes01


Radio-opaque weighted tip



Radio-opaque weighted tip and Luer adapter



Radio-opaque stripe tubing with weighted tip and Luer adapter


Product code


Nasogastric (Ryles) Tubes01


Fully radio-opaque tube, without weighted tip



Transparent tube with radio-opaque stripe, without weighted tip

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1:What is the difference between a gastric tube and a nasogastric tube?

A1:The primary difference lies in their placement and insertion method. A gastric tube, also known as a G-tube, is inserted directly into the stomach through the abdominal wall, usually during a surgical procedure. It's used for long-term enteral feeding. In contrast, a nasogastric tube is a more temporary solution, inserted through the nose and down into the stomach. It's often used for short-term feeding, medication administration, or to remove stomach contents. The choice between the two depends on the patient's medical condition and the duration of the required feeding.

Q2:What are Nasogastric (Ryles) Tubes used for?

A2:Nasogastric (Ryles) Tubes are medical devices used for feeding individuals who cannot safely consume food orally. They are inserted through the nose into the stomach for the introduction of nutrition and aspiration of intestinal secretions. These tubes are essential for patients requiring enteral nutrition, fluid administration, and medication delivery directly to the stomach.

Q3:What distinguishes GCmedica's Nasogastric Tubes in terms of product variety?

A3:GCmedica offers a range of Nasogastric Tubes, each designed to meet specific clinical requirements. Options include tubes with radio-opaque weighted tips, tubes with both weighted tips and Luer adapters, and fully radio-opaque tubes. These variations ensure precise placement and compatibility with different medical procedures and patient needs.

Customer Reviews for Nasogastric (Ryles) Tubes

  • 1.Robert


    "The GCmedica Nasogastric Tubes have been a game-changer in our hospital. Their ease of use and patient comfort, combined with the safety features, make them a top choice for our gastrointestinal procedures."

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