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	Mucus Specimen Trap
  • mucous specimen trap

Mucus Specimen Trap

The GCmedica Mucus Specimen Trap, available in 40ml and 70ml sizes, offers a sterile, efficient solution for collecting mucus specimens. Designed for medical convenience, it features a transparent container for clear visibility, a leak-proof design for safety, and easy-to-use connectors for seamless integration with suction devices. Ideal for respiratory and sputum samples, it ensures precise specimen collection for accurate diagnostic results.

Features of Mucus Specimen Trap

  • Mucous specimen traps allow for easy, convenient collection of mucous specimen samples.

  • After specimen collection, the two connectors are joined to close the system.

  • Available with 70ml and 40ml trap capacity.

Specification of Mucus Specimen Trap


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How do you use a mucus trap?

To use the GCmedica Mucus Specimen Trap effectively, follow these steps:

  • 1.Preparation: Begin by ensuring that the trap is sterile and the package is intact. Open the package carefully to maintain sterility.

  • 2.Connection: Attach the trap to the suction device using its universal connectors. Ensure the connection is secure to prevent leakage.

  • 3.Collection: Turn on the suction device. Gently insert the suction catheter into the patient's nasal or oral passage to collect the mucus specimen. The trap's transparent design allows for monitoring the amount of mucus collected.

  • 4.Securing the Sample: Once sufficient mucus is collected, turn off the suction device. Detach the trap, ensuring the lid is tightly sealed to maintain the specimen's integrity.

  • 5.Transportation and Testing: Label the trap with relevant patient information. Transport it to the laboratory for testing, ensuring it's handled carefully to avoid contamination or spillage.

  • 6.Disposal: After use, dispose of the trap according to biohazard waste guidelines, as it is a single-use item.

It's important to follow these steps closely to ensure the accuracy of the specimen collection and the safety of both the patient and healthcare provider. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific details and safety guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1:Is the product suitable for all age groups?

A1:Yes, the GCmedica Mucus Specimen Trap is suitable for a wide range of patients, including different age groups. Its design considers the varying needs of patients, from pediatric to geriatric. The trap's ease of use and compatibility with different suction devices make it versatile for various medical scenarios. Whether it's for a young child or an elderly patient, the trap's efficiency in mucus collection and safety features ensure it can be used effectively and comfortably.

Q2:How is the specimen extracted from the Mucus Trap?

A2:The extraction of the specimen from the GCmedica Mucus Specimen Trap is straightforward and designed to ensure the safety and integrity of the sample. The trap features a well-designed outlet that allows for easy transfer of the mucus specimen to a testing container. This process is designed to minimize the risk of spillage or contamination, ensuring that the specimen remains pure and intact for accurate diagnostic testing.

Customer Reviews for GCmedica Mucus Trap

  • 1.Luna Kowalski


                    "Impressed by the product's quality and reliability. It has streamlined our specimen collection process."

  • 2.Ezra Navarro


    "Highly recommend this product for its accuracy and ease of handling. Simplifies the collection process greatly."

  • 3.Isla Cheung


    "A top-notch specimen trap that ensures purity and safety. It has become an essential tool in our clinic."

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