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	Robot Type Suction & Irrigation Set
  • robot type suction and irrigation set

Robot Type Suction & Irrigation Set

The Endoscopic Suction-Irrigation Set is designed for laparoscopic procedures that require irrigation.

The Endoscopic Suction Set is a cost-effective solution intended to be used during laparoscopic procedures where suction without irrigation is necessary.

High capacity tubing of suction-irrigation sets and suction sets open the gateway for easy flow of fluids & masses through the entire system, virtually eliminating clogging.

Features of Robot Type Suction & Irrigation Set

  • Atraumatic and non-conductive cannula, 5mm* 350mm or 430mm in length.

  • Ergonomic handle design allows precise and single-hand control, for both right and left-hand use.

  • Color-coded smooth push-button pistons.

  • For robotic surgery.

Specification of Robot Type Suction & Irrigation Set


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