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Benefits of Disposable Medical Supplies

1. The use of disposable medical face shields can avoid nosocomial infections caused by repeated use of medical devices, and the use of disposable medical supplies can promote the national economy.

2. The use of disposable medical face shields can prevent the occurrence of cross-infection in the hospital, especially to prevent some diseases transmitted through blood or injection, such as AIDS, hepatitis B and other diseases.

3. The use of disposable Enfit syringes can reduce the labor intensity of medical workers and reduce some of the procedures for sterilizing medical supplies. It is convenient and safe to use and has no heat source.

4. Disposable medical supplies are generally strictly disinfected in accordance with national standards. The use of disposable Enfit syringes can reduce or even eliminate abscesses caused by the lack of strict disinfection of syringes.

5. Medical supplies such as disposable Enfit syringes and masks must be disinfected and destroyed after use.

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