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Clinical Application and Principle of Veress Needle

Veress needle entry is the first and most dangerous step of laparoscopic surgery. Data shows that peritonitis needle and initial puncture-related complications account for more than half of the complications of laparoscopic surgery. Therefore, paying attention to every detail in the veress needle entry will help to improve the safety of the operation.

Ⅰ. Advantages of disposable veress needle

(1) Veres needle acupuncture is used for intraperitoneal chemotherapy. A single aspiration with a veress needle is simple to operate, with a high success rate and fewer complications.

(2) Laparoscopic high ligation of inguinal hernia using the veress needle belt, the surgical trauma is small and the incision is concealed. Moreover, the postoperative recovery is fast and the hospitalization time is short. Also, the operation is simple and the curative effect is exact. In addition, the contralateral occult hernia can be detected in time after the operation, and reoperation can be avoided.

(3) Suspension of the appendix with veress needle threading with double-hole laparoscopic appendectomy is simple, economical, and practical.

Ⅱ. The composition and principle of disposable veress needle

(1) Composition of veress needle

Veress needle is a medical device used for abdominal puncture, which consists of veress needle, stylet, handle, etc. The disposable veress needle is mainly composed of the outer sheath of the veress needle, the inner core of the veress needle and the ventilation switch. The diameter of the outer sheath of the disposable veress needle is generally about 2mm, and the lengths are 80mm, 120mm, 150mm and other different specifications, consisting of a sharp needle sheath and a blunt needle core. The front of the needle core is blunt, hollow, and has side holes. The side holes can be injected by gas, water injection and suction in the needle core.

(2) The principle of veress needle

The veress needle has a spring protection device, so when the abdominal wall is punctured, the needle core is retracted into the needle sheath against resistance, and the tip of the needle sheath can penetrate the abdominal wall. When the needle sheath pierces the peritoneum into the abdominal cavity, the abdominal cavity is filled with carbon dioxide gas, and the resistance disappears. At this time, the needle core pops out when the spring is met, and the tip of the pneumoperitoneum can be blunted, which can avoid stabbing the abdominal organs. But please note that the single-use veress needle will lose its protective effect when there is adhesion in the abdominal cavity.

The above is the clinical application and usage principle of the disposable veress needle introduced by Gcmedica, we hope it will be helpful to you. If you are interested in our products, welcome to consult us online!

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