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How to Measure the Length of ET Tube to Be Used?

Ⅰ. ET tube

The ET tube is used to help people breathe placed in the throat, entering the trachea through the mouth. In order to position it deep enough into the trachea, but not deep enough to cause internal damage, you need to determine the appropriate length before inserting it. The proper length is determined by measuring certain characteristics of the human body and considering various other aspects.

Ⅱ. ET tube size selection

1. Find the size mark on the ET tube. The outer diameter (OD) and inner diameter (ID) of the et tube should be marked on the side of the tube. Typical inner diameter sizes range from 3.5 mm for small babies to 8.5 mm for adult men. Generally, when it comes to the size of ET tube size selection, it refers to the inner diameter. This is because the inner diameter determines the amount of air that can be provided to the intubator.

2. Check the length mark on the ET tube.

3. Choose the size of the ET tube according to the gender and height of the adult. The size of the ET tube for people over 18 years old usually depends on the gender and height of the patient.

4. Use age to choose the size of the et tube for infants and young children. You need to be careful when determining the size of the ET tube for children. For their bodies are small, you need to measure them more accurately than adults. With this in mind, please determine the size of the ET tube according to the child's specific age.

5. Measure a child with Broslow tape. In order to make more personalized measurements on the ET tube, you can use Broselow tape to measure your child's body.

6. Prepare to change the size of the test tube. When intubating someone, it is best to prepare several ET tubes. If you cannot fit the selected size into the person's trachea, you can use another size.

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