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How to Use Goggles Correctly

At present, doctors in hospital fever clinics wear masks, goggles, and protective clothing. Many ordinary people also buy goggles to wear them, hoping to prevent infectious diseases. Therefore, what is the correct way to use goggles?

1. Correct use of goggles

1.1 How to wear: wear goggles with both hands and adjust them until you feel comfortable.

1.2 How to remove: pinch the side close to the head or ears and remove it, and put it in a recycling or medical waste container.


  • Check whether there is any damage before wearing, and whether the wearing device is loosened;

  • Once contaminated by the patient's body fluid or blood, it should be cleaned and disinfected immediately.

1.3 It should be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

2. Disinfection process of goggles

2.1 Put the goggles together for disinfection.

2.2 First, soak them in a chlorine-containing disinfectant containing 1000mg-2000mg/L of available chlorine for 30-60 minutes for disinfection.

2.3 Then rinse with running water and wipe with 75% medical alcohol.

2.4 Finally, a high temperature drying cabinet can be selected for thermal drying according to the instructions. Hospitals with conditions can also perform mechanical thermal disinfection or low temperature sterilization.

3. How to choose goggles

Medical goggles (healthcare goggles) are products to prevent the patient's blood, body fluids and other infectious substances from splashing into the eyes or face of the human body. Therefore, when choosing goggles, you should pay attention to:

3.1 Medical goggles (healthcare goggles) need to have a certain degree of tightness around the wearer's eyes, and can cover the myopia glasses;

3.2 And medical goggles (healthcare goggles) must have ventilation holes, which can reduce lens fogging. The design of the ventilation holes cannot be straight-through, but must be curved, so as to prevent liquid splashes from shooting into the inside of the goggles.

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